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Easily create branded interaction experiences for your partners and consumers to monitor every single unit of your products journey and lifecycle.

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Packaging as a Platform

With Traace your products' package starts acting like software and automatically collects data when someone interacts with it using a smartphone, through your brand's online channels.

Modern Image Analysis

Take the best out of your existing packaging by teaching Traace what to look for in pictures: logos, barcodes, ingredients, price tags, unique codes, certificates, etc.

Our computer vision technology will automatically identify your products and brand in any picture and provide you with valuable information and insights.

What Makes Traace Different

Creating interaction experiences with Traace will give you unlimited reach into mapping your products' journey through its value chain.

Powerful Insights

Assume full control of your value chain through a complete backoffice, dashboards, tables and maps.

Interaction Experiences

Build an interaction experience for your brand without any code. Deploy it through Traace or a custom domain.

User Profiling

Get the most value out of your existing CRM and/or find new contacts and leads through interactions with your products.

Smart Labels

Turn any packaging or label into an interactive beacon and make it traceable anywhere.

Prizes & Rewards

Gamify product interactions by building points systems with ease and set different prizes or rewards for your community.

Privacy & Security

Your network's data is always private and safe with us, available to export into spreadsheets and usable for reporting.

Turn your products interactable with Traace

It takes 5 minutes for anyone to create a custom interaction experience for partners or consumers with any packaging.

  • Create your account

    Quickly sign up with your basic information.

  • Setup product packaging and label information

    Take a picture or upload one and teach Traace which information is important to generate proof.

  • Deploy your Interaction Experience

    Select a rewards system and setup prizes for your community, give it a branded feel and deploy it on your online channels.


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An holistic approach for the modern Enterprise

Traace is the perfect solution for any Enterprise or Media Agency Project Manager or Director looking for a broader reach in their B2B and B2B2C communication efforts.

It can serve as the support to automate the development and monitoring of supply chain certification programs, consumer and partner loyalty, trade and consumer marketing strategies, digital transformation and product lifecycle assessment.

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